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Using geometric patterns in web design

Web design is something that changes consistently throughout the year. That’s why creating a stunning website is only the first stage to being successful online. Your website will need updating from time to time, as trends and design styles change. Geometry, for example, is currently a very popular tool for print design and web design alike. Geometric design can be applied to any website, with any design scheme or style in mind. But how can you use geometric design to achieve great results online? And what are the advantages of using geometric patterns in web design? Will geometric patterns be suitable for your website and company branding? Well, here at Pumpkin Web Design Manchester, we are Manchester’s leading web design experts. We create stunning web design solutions, for businesses and companies across the North West. This includes Southport and Wigan. As a result, we need to stay in the know, and on top of any web design trends and developments, including geometric design.

Using geometric patterns in web design

Geometric patterns and designs can be used successfully throughout any website. You could consider:

  • Using a geometric patterned background
  • Using geometric designs within typography
  • Using different shapes for elements

Using a geometric patterned background

By using shapes in an arrangement or pattern, you can create a geometric background that will add texture, individuality and interest to your website. However, to make sure this is successful, you should consider:

  • Using appropriate background colours- while you might want the background shapes to stand out, you don’t want them to clash with the rest of the web design, or make it difficult for the content to be read or noticed. Using subtle colours, and subtle colour changes can be a good idea to create visual interest, without making your design too bold.
  • Creating texture- one way to create interest without using strong colour changes is to consider texture. Texture is important for creating a difference between each shape, and the background colour, and the content positioned over the top.

Using geometric designs within typography

Geometric designs with the heading typography and font can help you create a unique website individual to your company, while also grabbing the attention of users. This could involve:

  • Using shapes to create the typography- fonts that use shapes, or some element of shape to spell out the word can have a dramatic visual impact. For this, you will want to limit the background to be basic and plain, to make sure that your typography stands out, and can be read easily on all devices.
  • Using shaped within the typography- outline fonts are becoming increasingly popular, and filling these outlines with geometric shapes and patterns can be visually very striking. Especially when the right colours are used in combination with one another.

Using different shapes for web design content and elements

Another option, though less common and sometimes less effective, is to use shapes to create the space for content and website elements to fit into. Think of a grid layout, with lots of connecting squares or rectangles. Then consider this idea, but using different shapes, interconnected with each other. This can be very effective, but it can also be overwhelming or confusing for the user.

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