Web design and company branding

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If you are a company or business looking to succeed online, branding and marketing will be essential. With such a large amount of competition online, and stringent algorithms checking for quality, it’s no longer enough to simply create a company website and hope for some visitors. Instead, your website needs to be fully united with the company brand. And you need to show your potential customers who you really are. So how can you do this? Well, here at Pumpkin Web Design Manchester, we are Manchester’s leading web design and web marketing experts. And we work with companies and businesses across the North West. We deliver a range of web design and web marketing services, of the highest quality. As a result, we have produced this guide to web design and company branding.

Branding is good for business

Branding on your website is a great way to combat the worries and doubts of your website users. Your potential customers want to know:

  • that your company is authentic
  • that they can trust your business
  • that you are professionals

Once they feel that you are a company that can be trusted, your website viewers will then be much more likely to sign up or purchase from you. So how can you include branding throughout your web design?

Web design and company branding

Branding throughout your web design generally involves a range of visual and content based inputs. These include:

  • the colour scheme
  • the logo
  • the art style
  • the typography
  • the content style

The colour scheme

Your website colour scheme will become synonymous with your brand. Whichever colour scheme you choose, it needs to match your physical presence (if you have a store or office in the real world) as well as your social media platforms. This will help solidify your brand and make it more recognizable.

The logo

Your company or business should have a logo. This is the symbol for your business, and so as part of your web design, it should have a position right at the top of the page, above the fold. The colour scheme you choose will need to match with the logo too.

The art style

Fun and quirky, or serious and solemn, the chances are, your website has a brand persona. This should be reflected in the art style across your website, as it makes your company more relatable. Customers like to shop with companies that have a clear identity, one that they feel is relevant to them.

The typography

Along with the art style, the typography is another area that can be used to reflect the brand persona or the company character. Choose a font that reflects your brand effectively, but make sure it is still legible when viewed on any device.

The content style

It’s not just the design of the website that can be used for branding, it’s also the style of the written content or video content. Your company should have a voice. And while you don’t have to take this to extremes, although some companies do this very well, you do need to have an individual tone.

For more information about branding strategies for small business websites,  or for professional web design and web marketing solutions, get in touch with the experts today, here at Pumpkin Web Design Manchester.