the foxton centre, Preston

Thanks for helping us help others! It really matters.

Working in Preston city centre everyday, it’s clear that there are many local people who could use a helping hand. That’s why we support The Foxton Centre. With a long history of supporting young people and adults across Preston, The Foxton Centre is an invaluable resource for our community, and it’s a charity we truly value.

What does The Foxton Centre do?

First established in 1969 as a youth group, The Foxton Centre has grown from humble roots to one of the most important community anchors in Preston. They provide a wide range of effective and targeted support for the most marginalized members of our Preston community, including: 

Support for rough sleepers

Did you know that the number of homeless people across Preston has risen by 300% in just three years? With the outreach work implemented by the Foxton Centre, rough sleepers can access safety and resources, without judgement. With a winter watch programme, community cafe, Housing First accommodation scheme, as well as work experience and volunteering programmes, The Foxton Centre provides an essential lifeline of practical solutions for rough sleepers.

Support for street sex workers

Through a complex Streetlink initiative, The Foxton Centre provides support and solutions for street sex workers. The issues surrounding this are often complex, including homelessness, mental health and addiction, and providing safe solutions is essential. The Foxton Centre offers a range of services including assertive outreach, a drop in surgery and court advocacy.

Support for Preston’s young people

Youth work is also something that The Foxton Centre provide. Early intervention in the form of youth work can be a crucial step for many young people, changing their lives for the better. The Foxton Centre runs two volunteer led youth groups, ATR and Fox Kidz, that meet regularly.

How can you help?

While the work The Foxton Centre undertakes is crucial for our Preston community, they can’t do it all alone. Support from businesses, individuals, organisations and donors is essential for the success of the projects and support The Foxton Centre can offer. There are a number of ways you can support, as an individual or a business, and these include:


Either as a one off or on a regular basis, volunteering for The Foxton Centre can help provide valuable support. From organizing an event to distributing posters, you can find the volunteer role that’s perfect for your talents.


Raising vital funds for The Foxton Centre is easier than you might think. Whether you are an individual or a business, there are a variety of ways to raise money for such a great cause, from hosting an event to simply installing a collection point in the workplace. Whatever you choose, your help can make a great difference.


Volunteering and fundraising both take time, and if you are short on this, why not donate instead? There are a range of physical items that you can donate, as well as money. And as a Preston charity you can be sure that every pound you donate goes directly to supporting our practical work within the community.

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