Animation in web design

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As Manchester’s leading web design professionals, here at Pumpkin Web Design Manchester, we work with a wide range of clients and companies on a range of web related projects. From growing digital marketing campaigns to creating stunning websites, we are always working on something new. This includes animation in web design. But what is the […]

Typography ideas to engage your audience

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Following on from our latest article, “Website typography best practices”, we thought we’d talk about how you can use typography, and font types to your advantage. As long as you have all the practicalities in place, such as the size, and the spacing, there is no reason why you can’t use typography creatively. And it you […]

Website typography best practices

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Colour schemes, layout, navigation, professional imagery, and branding are all important aspects of web design. But typography is arguably one of the most important. From custom fonts, to type spacing and white space, typography can have a huge impact on your websites ability to attract attention, and pass on your message, After all, if your […]

Web design and User Interface features that users hate

The internet is full of people who hate. Seriously, just check out Twitter trolls harassing a 14 year old, or any Facebook comment section, EVER! Honestly, it’s starting to feel like the internet has the capability to bring out the worst in us. But sometimes our rage filled hatred can be wholly justified. Especially when […]

Mobile web design to boost sales

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Quality web design leads to sales. This is something that has been demonstrated repeatedly. And sometimes your website only needs tweaking, or minor changes, to significantly increase the ratio of traffic to conversions. But now as an increasing number of people predominately use mobile devices to perform web searches, these web design principles can be […]