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Category Archives: Uncategorised

Time saving web design techniques

here at Pumpkin Web Design Manchester, we build websites specifically tailored to the requirements of companies and businesses across Manchester and the North West, including Blackburn and Chorley. We provide the perfect web design solutions for clients in all areas of business and industry. One of the main things we focus on is the practicality […]

Advantages of broken grid web design

web design manchester

In web design, the layout, the colour scheme and the visual design need to be effective, and match your company branding. One of the most common types of website layout is the grid design. This type of layout involves positioning elements like text and imagery into neat, well-organised and well defined blocks, which can be […]

What does your landing page need to do?

web design manchester

When designing a new website, or redesigning your existing one, the landing page is one of the most important considerations. This is the page that your users are likely to land on first, especially if they click though from an advertisement, or your social media profile. As a result, its this page that will help […]

Could a zig-zag split screen transform your website?

Designing a website that is new, engaging and visually attractive is a challenge for any company or business, no matter the size. But designing a website that meets these requirements is key to business growth, as your website will be more likely to convert interested potential customers. This means more bookings, more sign ups, and […]

User flow in web design

web design manchester

When it comes to your web design, it’s easy to focus on the stunning visuals, innovative design and impressive navigation features. And while these elements are important, crucial even, for an effective website, you also need to consider the role, and the response of the user. The humans using your website should be the key […]

Effective responsive design strategies for 2019

web design manchester

As we move into 2019, responsive web design is going to become absolutely essential. With the introduction of the mobile first algorithm in 2018, Google is well on it’s way to making sure that the websites shown at the top of the search on mobile devices, are websites that are fully optimised and accessible on […]

Internal links and effective web design

web design manchester

When designing any website, one of the top priorities should be the practical considerations. How users interact with your website will be vital to how successful your website will be. And internal links are one of the most fundamental features of this. After all, if your links and buttons don’t take consumers to the page […]