Designing an effective contact page

One of the most neglected pages of the website, if it is even included at all, is the contact page. Because any website user should be able to find key contact information on any page (usually in the header as well as the footer) some websites opt not to include it all. And those that do, often do the bare minimum in terms of web design. But a well designed contact page can be the key to increasing sales and sign ups, and actually encouraging users to take action. So what should a contact page include? And how can this be designed effectively? Well, here at Pumpkin Web Design Manchester, we are Manchester’s leading web design professionals. From Wigan to Southport, we work with companies across Manchester and the surrounding region to deliver high quality web design solutions that really get results. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about designing the perfect contact page.

What should your contact page include?

Before you think about designing any website page, you will need to consider the content that is necessary, to build your website around. So what should you content page include? Well, several things are important, including:

  • your phone number
  • your email address
  • your physical location if applicable
  • a website generated contact form

What are the important considerations for designing an effective contact page?

So, what should you bear in mind when designing your contact page? Well, you should consider:

  • Easy access links- your phone number shouldn’t just be typed on the page. It should be clickable, and when clicked on, on a mobile device, it should open up the phone number in the users phone, ready to be saves and stored, or dialed immediately. This is a simple way to improve the user experience, by removing the need to copy and paste, and open up an additional phone app. You should also do the same with your email address.
  • Interactive map- listing your address is important, if you have a real world premises. But this should also include an interactive map, that users can click on to plan their route, see how far away you are, and even check traffic if they need to. Again, this is all about simplifying these steps for the user, to improve the user experience, and even aim to increase sales and sign ups.
  • Website contact form- for an additional communication method, why not include a contact form? This can easily be completed on the screen at the time, so that you can get back to any inquiries in your own time. An automated response can even be generated by this contact form, so that the user knows their message has been sent and received, and to provide a timeline for when they can expect a response.

On top of these details, you should also follow the general web design rules of good typography, responsive design, simple navigation and layout, and professional visual imagery to really make sure your website stands out.

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