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Essential features for an eCommerce website

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For any business looking to make sales online, there are specific web design features that can’t be overlooked. These features can help bring attention to your products, and also persuade users to purchase your items, which should be the main focus of any eCommerce website. But what are these key features? And how should they be used to get the most out of your web design? Well, here at Pumpkin Web Design Manchester, we are leading web design, and web marketing professionals. We work across a variety of industries with clients and companies around the Manchester region, including Blackburn and Chorley, to provide stunning web design solutions. As a result, we have produced this guide to the essential features for an eCommerce website.

Essential features for an eCommerce website

So what are the features that could make a big difference to your website sales? Well, there are several web design elements or features that should be high on your list of importance. These include:

  • images of your products
  • call to action buttons
  • clear and easy checkout options

Images of your products

Images of your products aren’t just a tool to help your users decide what to buy. They can also be useful for encouraging users to part with their cash in the first place. Especially when used correctly.

If you want to grab your users attention use high quality imagery. Professional, stunning images can capture your products and highlight the best features to impress and wow your audience. This is much more effective than simply writing about how great your product is. Professional video content can be even more effective again.

You should consider using this imagery above the fold, so that as soon as your website loads, your users are greeted with this impressive visual content. This will draw their interest and help to invoke action.

Call to action buttons

These buttons need to be eye-catching and bright to draw the attention of the user towards it, and encourage them to click through to your purchasing page. Call to action buttons will be necessary throughout your website, and you should consider using one above the fold, overlaying a stunning, high quality image. Combined together, a good image, and a compelling call to action button can be a very effective method for increasing sales.

Call to action buttons need to be practical too. And they don’t just apply to the landing page itself. They will be used throughout your website, and should be a key part of your product pages, encouraging users to add the item to the basket.

Clear and easy checkout

Once the item is in the basket, the purchasing process is almost complete. It will however, involve filling in some forms. This can make the whole process feel tedious, overwhelming and complicated. And the longer it takes to fill in the checkout details, the more chance there is of your potential customers changing their mind right at the last minute. This means that you need a fast, efficient purchasing process that is clear and easy to follow. Include error capture to help users see the information they need to enter correctly, and simplify each step.

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