Designing an effective landing page for mobile devices

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Accessing websites on a mobile device is now more common than using a desktop. So for your landing page to be effective, and draw attention as well as increase conversions, you need to consider your mobile website users. And this means designing an effective landing page for mobile devices. But what does this involve? Well, here at Pumpkin Web Design Manchester, we are Manchester’s leading web design professionals. We work with companies in a range of industries, across Manchester and the surrounding region, including Wigan and Southport, to deliver high quality web design solutions that really get results. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about mobile websites and landing page design.

Important considerations for designing an effective landing page for mobile devices

Designing an effective landing page is a necessity for any company or business. And making sure this is visually appealing, and functional for mobile users too is very important. Designing an engaging, interactive and visually interesting landing page for your mobile website will mean paying close attention to a range of factors, including:

  • what your audience actually want
  • the length of your content
  • the call to action

User experience- what do your users want from a mobile landing page?

To create the best possible experience for users, on any device, it is necessary to understand what they want. Why did they land on your page, and how can you give them what they want, as quickly as possible? To do this, you can analyse the keywords that people are using to find your website. These keywords will all be relevant to different buying stages and stages of interest:

Once you know what your users are looking for, you can plan to meet their requirements with your landing page design. For example, some companies should forgo the hero image completely, as this is just wasted space. And instead they should use this section for really focusing on sales or sign ups. However, for other companies whose audience may be wondering “Why should I buy from you” the removal of the hero image section could damage the first impressions.

The length of your content

Landing page design for mobile devices really boils down to fitting everything that is necessary on a tiny screen, without cramming too much in. The amount of content or the length of your content is important here.

For written content you should think about making your sentences more concise, and take out any unnecessary paragraphs, sentences and even words. This will make your content easier to read, and it will also help you fit in everything your landing page needs.

For visual content, make sure you optimise images and videos so that they will be responsive to whichever mobile device is used to access the landing page. Again, you should think about trimming out anything that isn’t absolutely necessary.

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