When good web design goes horribly wrong

The customer is always right!

This is a well known term used in countless customer service situations throughout the world.  However, and we hate to say it, but in good web design this is definitely not the case.

Here at Pumpkin Web Design we work to the clients brief, taking into consideration their business objectives, then use our experience to turn the brief into a functioning website that delivers on the clients goals.

Cool!  How can this formula possibly go wrong?

Well it can!  And here’s the general dialogue involved in making a website crash and burn:

Client:  “So guys, here’s what we want to achieve and this is our brand identity.  You guys are the web experts so just go ahead and do what you think is necessary to create a great website that represents our brand and increases leads!”

Us:  “No problem, we fully understand where we are going with this and we know exactly how to approach it!”

Client:  “Cool!  Can’t wait to see the website.”

Us:  “Hello!  Your website is ready.  We’re really happy with it.  As you can see it fully reflects your brand colours and identity.  It sits in-line with your target market.  It immediately delivers the key message that is likely to motivate your website visitor to get in touch.  It is perfectly optimised on-page for realistic search terms that are likely to drive targeted traffic to your website.  We’re super confident that we can grow your exposure on-line from here with great blogging and social activity!  What do you think?”

Client:  “Oh WOW!  We absolutely love it!  Thanks!  Can we just make a few changes though?”

Us:  “Of course, making changes as we move forward is all part of the service!”

Client:  “Can we try changing the font to Comic Sans?”

Us:  “Ermm – Comic Sans is a bit of a naff looking and very dated font.  Are you sure?”

Client:  “Yes, we definitely want to try it.”

Us:  “OK”

Client:  “Yeah we see what you mean.  Maybe try it in pink”

Us:  “WOW – OK”

Client:  “Yeah thats better.  Can we make the logo much bigger please?”

Us:  “We think we’re playing with things that wont add any value to the whole project here.”

Client:  “Yes but if you could do that, that would be great.”

Us:  “Done.”

Client:  “Also, my brother who is an IT specialist has had a look and thinks that there is too much written content.  Could you just have photographs?”

Us:  “We need content for SEO.  And it’s not really IT that we’re doing here.”

Client:  “Well I think he should know.  Please remove!”

Us:  “OK.  You’re the boss”

Client:  “Could you also make the background just plain grey?”

Us:  “OK we think that the website has moved WAY off brief!”

Client:  “Look, this is my website so I know best!”

Us:  “OK”

Client:  “Actually, I don’t like this website at all!”

Us;  “Nor do we!  Are you ready to just listen to us now?”

Client:  “Yep.  Sorry”

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