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When it comes to web design in London, there is a dizzying array of choice accessible to companies that want to create a presence for themselves online. However, very few companies can compete with the level of competence, experience, and customer service that Pumpkin Web Design Ltd. provides. Based in the north, we provide cost effective web design services in London and the South East.

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Take a quick glance at our latest website design & SEO projects

Here you can find a quick overview of some of our latest web design and SEO projects. If you would prefer to take a deeper dive into what we do, why not explore our case studies?

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Avalana Design


Sector: Retail, home decor, e-commerce.

What we did: Web design, SEO, video editing, support.


Players Drama School


Sector: Performance, Education.

What we did: Web design, SEO, content, support.




Sector: Aesthetics, spa, beauty.

What we did: Web design, SEO, video, content, support.


Oaklands Dental


Sector: Dental.

What we did: Web design, SEO, support.

Featured case study: Avalana Design

Avalana Design is a renowned interiors design agency specialising in creating captivating and bespoke designs for a wide range of clients. With a focus on innovative and visually stunning solutions, Avalana Design had garnered a reputation for excellence. However, their existing website was hindering their growth due to its outdated design, slow performance, and lack of support.

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Why small and medium sized businesses in London choose Pumpkin Web Design.

Pumpkin Web Design Ltd. is a company that has been providing web design and support services in the London area for more than a decade, offering clients web design services of the highest possible calibre. Our team of professional designers and developers is committed to developing websites that are not only visually attractive, but also completely optimised for search engines, easy to navigate, and customised to fit the specific demands of each individual customer.

Pumpkin Web Design Ltd. focuses on developing websites that are completely optimised for search engines, which is one of the primary reasons why London-based businesses should get in touch with us. Our team is aware of how important it is to have a website that performs well in search engine results, and as a result, we employ the most up-to-date strategies as well as industry standards to guarantee that the websites we manage for our customers are accessible to the audiences they intend to reach. 

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A comprehensive selection of web design services

In addition, Pumpkin Web Design Ltd. provides customers with a comprehensive selection of web design services, which includes e-commerce solutions, responsive design, and custom development. This means that we are able to supply everything that a London-based company requires in order to develop a strong online presence, from a straightforward brochure website to a complicated e-commerce platform. 

Last but not least, we take great pride in the superior customer service we offer. Throughout the process of web design, we are always ready to answer questions and provide direction to our clients, and we work closely with each customer to gain an understanding of their unique requirements and objectives. 

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Establishing a strong online presence

We are dedicated to assisting businesses in establishing a strong online presence and in reaching their target audience by concentrating on search engine optimization (SEO), user-friendly design (UX), and providing great customer service (CSR).

The area of web design in London is a competitive one, with many great designers and companies competing for the attention of organisations and individuals who are trying to develop a strong presence online. In order to differentiate oneself from the competition in this oversaturated market, it is essential to have a website that is not only visually appealing and simple to visit, but that is also optimised for search engines like Google.

Achieving high results on Google

When developing a website with the goal of achieving high results on Google, one of the first things to think about is how keywords will be used. People use search engines to look for specific information or items, and one of the ways they do this is by entering phrases and terms known as keywords. It is possible to raise the visibility of the website and bring in more visitors if relevant keywords are included in the content, meta tags, and other aspects of the website.

The general layout and architecture of the website is yet another essential aspect to take into consideration. When deciding search ranks, Google takes into consideration how the material is structured and arranged in a hierarchy. In light of this, it is essential to have a structure that is unmistakably organised and well-thought-out, complete with a distinct informational hierarchy, as well as obvious headers and subheadings.

In addition to the structural and keyword-related aspects, it is essential to optimise the website for mobile devices as well. Google has started factoring in a website’s mobile-friendliness when establishing its search ranks in response to the growing number of individuals who use the internet on their smartphones and tablets. Because of this, having a design that is responsive and can adjust to varying screen sizes and resolutions is really necessary.

Creating a robust backlink profile for the website should be one of your final priorities. Backlinks are links that are located on other websites that point to your own website. Your website will have a better chance of ranking higher in search results if it has a greater number of backlinks that are of a high quality and are relevant to its content. This can be accomplished in two ways: first, by contacting the proprietors of other websites and requesting that they link to your website; second, by producing content that is of such high quality that other people will naturally want to link to it.

In general, web design in London is a hard sector; however, it is possible to construct a website that stands out in search results and attracts more visitors by taking the appropriate approach. It is feasible to attain high results on Google and to develop a strong online presence if you pay attention to aspects such as structure, backlinks, mobile optimization, and keywords.