Case study: Avalana Design

We were approached by Avalana Design, a creative interiors design agency based in Manchester UK, to address their outdated, malfunctioning website. With a commitment to providing exceptional web design services and ongoing support, we undertook the task of revamping Avalana Design’s online presence. This case study will delve into the challenges faced by Avalana Design, the comprehensive solutions provided by us, and the remarkable outcomes achieved.

web design and SEO case study for Avalana Design
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Client overview

Avalana Design ( is a renowned interiors design agency specialising in creating captivating and bespoke designs for a wide range of clients. With a focus on innovative and visually stunning solutions, Avalana Design had garnered a reputation for excellence. However, their existing website was hindering their growth due to its outdated design, slow performance, and lack of support.

Challenges faced

Avalana Design approached us with several pressing challenges that hindered their online presence:

  • Outdated Website: The existing website failed to reflect Avalana Design’s cutting-edge approach and did not effectively showcase their portfolio and services.
  • Poor Performance: The website suffered from slow loading times and technical issues, resulting in a subpar user experience and high bounce rates.
  • Lack of Support: The absence of ongoing support for their website meant Avalana Design was unable to promptly address issues and implement updates.

Our solutions

We embarked on a comprehensive strategy to revitalise Avalana Design’s online presence and address their specific challenges. The following key solutions were implemented:

  • Custom Website Design: A modern, visually striking, and user-friendly website design was crafted to align with Avalana Design’s brand identity and showcase their portfolio effectively. The new design featured a clean layout, intuitive navigation, and attention to detail.
  • WooCommerce Integration: We implemented WooCommerce, a robust e-commerce platform, to facilitate Avalana Design’s online store functionality. This integration enabled seamless product showcasing, secure transactions, and enhanced user experience.
  • Website Optimisation: Extensive optimisation techniques were employed to improve the website’s performance. These included optimising images, compressing files, and implementing caching mechanisms to reduce loading times and enhance overall responsiveness.
  • Ongoing Support: We provided Avalana Design with dedicated ongoing support, ensuring prompt assistance with website maintenance, updates, and troubleshooting. This support empowered Avalana Design to focus on their core business while entrusting their website’s reliability to Pumpkin Web Design.

SEO successes

In addition to the website revamp, We implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy to enhance Avalana Design’s online visibility and organic search rankings. Notable SEO successes achieved include:

  • Keyword Research: Extensive keyword research was conducted to identify the most relevant and high-value keywords in Avalana Design’s industry. This research laid the foundation for optimizing website content, meta tags, and headings.
  • On-Page Optimisation: The website’s structure, content, and metadata were meticulously optimised, ensuring adherence to best practices for search engine indexing and ranking. Title tags, meta descriptions, and alt attributes were strategically crafted to improve search visibility.
  • Content Enhancement: We collaborated with Avalana Design to create engaging and informative content that resonated with their target audience. The inclusion of relevant keywords and optimised headings further bolstered the website’s search rankings.

Results and impact

The collaboration between Avalana Design and Pumpkin Web Design yielded remarkable outcomes:

  • Enhanced User Experience: The revamped website showcased Avalana Design’s portfolio in a visually stunning and intuitive manner, improving user engagement and satisfaction.
  • Improved Website Performance: Extensive optimisation measures significantly reduced loading times, resulting in a seamless browsing experience for visitors.
  • Increased Organic Traffic: The implementation of effective SEO techniques resulted in higher organic search rankings, leading to a substantial increase in website traffic.
  • Higher Conversion Rates: The integration of WooCommerce and the overall improved user experience contributed to a notable boost in online sales and conversions.
  • Strengthened Brand Image: The visually appealing website design and enhanced search visibility helped position Avalana Design as a leading authority in their industry, reinforcing their brand image.


Through our expertise in web design, WooCommerce integration, ongoing support, and SEO strategies, we successfully transformed Avalana Design’s outdated and malfunctioning website into a visually captivating, high-performing, and search engine optimised online platform. The collaboration between our two companies resulted in improved user experience, increased organic traffic, higher conversion rates, and a strengthened brand image for Avalana Design.

seo and web design case study
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Avalana Design

Avalana Design is a renowned interiors design agency specialising in creating captivating and bespoke designs for a wide range of clients. With a focus on innovative and visually stunning solutions, Avalana Design had garnered a reputation for excellence. However, their existing website was hindering their growth due to its outdated design, slow performance, and lack of support.

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