3 typical ways to connect with customers via video

We live in a world where people want cool stuff on the internet, and they want it now. With technology at our fingertips everywhere we turn, we’re a generation of internet addicts with a taste for interesting facts, awesome products and groundbreaking news, and video is one of the most popular ways for people to digest this type of content. The written word has its place but often it is video that connects with people fastest and has the power to go viral. Here are three unusual ways you could use video to connect with your target audience.


Your customers always have questions about your business, right? Whether it’s opening times, product troubleshooting or queries about your refund policy, there are bound to be things customers want to know that you find yourself answering time and time again. Written FAQs are a fantastic way to give potential customers everything they need to know about your business, products and services before they buy, but video FAQs can give them even more trust in you.

By having the friendly face of your business on video answering FAQs – whether that be a sales manager, front of house employee, or even the business owner – you can create a connection with your target audience and give them a reason to trust you and your products. We can professionally direct your video to help get the most awesome responses out of the person featured, and edit it all together beautifully to look slick, sophisticated and to the point.

Customer reviews

There’s no better way to promote a business than to have existing happy customers shout about how amazing it is! Video testimonials can help potential customers see that there are real people behind the reviews, too. Again, it’s all about building trust. If you own a pub or restaurant, you could film customers enjoying a lovely meal, or have them recommend the best dish. If you offer services, you could create video case studies and have existing customers explain the ways in which your business has helped them. We’re full of ideas and like a challenge, so give us a call to chat about the types of reviews that could work for you.

Information guides and how-tos

When you have a problem or question and need an answer immediately, what do you tend to do? You Google it. People are always searching the web for informative content and no doubt your business has some great knowledge you could pass on. So make a video about it! A bar might do a cocktail making demo, and encourage the viewer to come down and visit them to taste the delicious range of drinks themselves. A hairdresser might demonstrate the best way to curl hair, and use it as an opportunity to promote a special offer on a cut and blow dry. Wondering what your video could be about? Drop us a line and let’s throw some ideas around!

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