What are the features of good website content?

What are the features of good website content?

Creating good website content is essential for any business or company to thrive online. But what are the features of good website content? And how can you be sure that your website content will achieve the right results?

Why is good website content important?

For any company, large or small, developing a website that can increase sales, bookings or sign ups is essential for growth. And the written content on any website should be one of the most important considerations. This is because it is the written text that will educate, inform,and persuade your potential customers or clients that your services or products are worth the price. The content you use will help build consumer trust, tell your company story, and show off your products or services in a way that relates to your specific audience.

So, what are the features of good website content?

There are a number of aspects to consider to ensure that your website content is effective and secures the right results. These include:

  1. Relevant keywords for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  2. User focused content
  3. Company branding
  4. Easy to scan and skim read

Effective website content uses relevant keywords for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The written content on your website needs to use the right keywords, if this is to be effective. Choose one keyword or phrase for each piece of content, or each website page, and be sure to include this in the written content, using natural language. This will help your website rank for the keyword, on the search engine results page.

Effective website content is user focused

The potential customers or clients that read your content will have various questions, or concerns, and will all be looking specific pieces of information. Your website content should be prepared and used to meet this need, with blogs and articles used where necessary to provide a more in depth look at your products or services. This can be the key to increasing sales and sign ups online, as your content is designed to provide website users with whatever they need.

Company branding is a big part of effective website content

Just as company branding is key for visual imagery and content on your website, it should also be part of your written content too. Developing a brand voice, or a company persona, is a good way to build a loyal customer or client base who can really connect to your company. If you offer local services or products, don’t be afraid to use some well known local lingo too!

Effective website content is easy to scan and skim read

While your written content might be easy to read, and focused on meeting the users requirements, it also needs to be written and presented in a way that is easy to skim through. This could include lots of subheadings, bullet points, or tables, so that your website users can get the information they need, quickly and easily.

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