How to give your website that professional polish

You’ve created your website, and you’re adding the finishing touches but there’s something missing. Being part of the digital age, a professional looking website for your business is essential, this is your platform to communicate with your clients, and you want it to be the best.

There are certain elements to take into consideration and certain trends to stay from, below is a step by step guide on how to give your website that professional polish.

Devise your Brand

Always make research your priority, especially when it comes to your competitors and target market. Analyse their strengths and weaknesses and describe what your brand does and how it separates itself from other brands. Think about your identity in terms of your logo, palettes, style and typography.

Design and Usability

You can’t design your website and not have it be practical at the same time, don’t just add something because it looks pretty, and don’t follow trends just because someone says so. Think about your desired template and where you’re going to add images, text and information. Add features that will enhance the look, such as parallax scrolling and background videos. Give it personality, something that will entice clients.

Make sure the structure of navigation is clear and concise, so visitors can navigate easily through your pages. “Call to Action” buttons are important; they tell people what they want to know without any hassle, incorporate them to fizzle out any confusion. Readability is key also, make sure to add text that is easy to read.

Depending on your field of work, your business should include properties that will adhere to your audience’s needs and wants.

Accommodate your Audience

Everybody surfs the web on their phone these days, make your website mobile friendly so customers can still clearly see it when they are scrolling out and about. Keep them engaged by keeping them up to date with newsletters and a blog. If you’re on social media, people are more likely to visit your website because it’ll be promoted on their feed.

These are just a few tips to help you along the way, the most important ones in my opinion.
Remember to always be clear and always make sure your audience knows who and what you are.

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