Growth Hacking Guide

You might be tempted to pass off the term growth hacking as a fad buzzword doomed to pale into insignificance at the appearance of the next great idea. This would be a mistake.

In fact, growth hacking is all about finding ways to make your business grow, adding site traffic, building up the number of people engaging with your specific call to action, and keeping your website top of the food chain.

But what has it got to do with hacking?

Well with the focus on the free methods of growth such as social media, viral videos and SEO, growth hacking refers more to hacking into social trends to exploit for leads, consumers and growth then it does to hacking into code. Of course, growth hacking may involve taking a look around your company website code for the purposes of improving SEO, but when this is done with permission it’s known as white hat and is not illegal.

How to make growth hacking work for you

Growth hacking is great for small businesses and start ups as it provides a lot of publicity in a short period of time and really helps to get the company noticed. This is mainly through the use of viral video, targeted advertising and social media.

A more experienced business can also benefit from growth hacking particularly if they are introducing a new product or service, or aiming to target new customers. Even if your company has an existing client base, attracting new customers and spreading your company brand is one of the key aims and aspects of continuous digital marketing.
Growth hacking can allow your business to achieve this.

What does growth hacking involve?

Growth hacking involves both push and pull tactics. In the first instance, a company needs to be able to draw in viewers and users maybe with an enticing offer or a top quality service. This is known as a pull tactic, pulling the potential customer towards the sale. A push tactic is about pushing your company towards them through clever advertisement, perhaps as the ad on their social media service or maybe the video before their YouTube content. Growth hacking is about making the most of both of these tactics, amongst others to promote growth and development.
How will you make growth hacking work for you?

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