How can I reduce my Bounce Rate?

Recently we had a visit here at the office in Oyston Mill, Preston from one of our customers to discuss how we could reduce the bounce rate (the percentage of people who click the “back” button and go straight back to Googles results page, rather than onto other pages of our customers website) and increase the amount of time that their website visitors stayed on the site.

A quick and obvious way to achieve this was to place a short video on the home page delivering a welcome message and encouraging the website visitor to explore the website and get in touch.

We recorded the video right there and then using the webcam in our office, uploaded it to YouTube, took the HTML code generated by YouTube and embedded the video right onto the home page.

In the same week the Google Analytics report shows that the average time spent on our clients website by visitors had increased from 47 seconds to over 3 minutes, and that the bounce rate had reduced from 60% to just 30%.

It probably took around 10 minutes in total to create and add the video to the website, and it looks like the increase in conversions (website visitors to sales) will be dramatic.

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