Increasing organic traffic to your website

For most companies and businesses, the aim of the company website is simple. It’s all about increasing the number of people who use your services, or buy your products. But to do this, your website needs to be in front of the right users. The users that meet your target audience demographic. And the users that are looking to part with their cash. And this means that traffic, from organic sources, needs to be flowing to your website regularly. So just how do you increase the amount of organic traffic your website receives? Well, here at Pumpkin Web Design, we are Preston’s top web marketing and web design experts. And we work with companies and businesses around the region to provide web solutions that get results. Including an increase in traffic. As a result, we have produced this guide to increasing organic traffic to your website.

Increasing organic traffic to your website

In order to boost your organic traffic, you have to understand where organic traffic can originate from. Organic traffic is traffic you haven’t paid for. So you can rule out any Google ads, banner ads or re-targeting platforms you might be using. Instead consider:

  • your actual Google search ranking on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP)
  • your social media platforms- not including ad campaigns
  • and any third party website and customer reviews

These three areas are integral for landing more eyeballs on your website. And this can mean more opportunity to sell. But remember, more traffic doesn’t always mean more sales. The key is to secure views and visits from people that fit your target audience. So how exactly can you do that?

Google search, organic keywords, and organic traffic

There is a direct relationship between organic keywords and organic traffic. To put this simply, the more relevant keywords you cover naturally by producing and optimizing impressive content, the more organic traffic you can attract from the SERP. This is because you are producing content that covers more potential search terms, related to your industry, which will naturally increase the amount of options for people to access your site organically. As long as your content is informative, original, relevant and good quality, and the keywords you have chosen are not too competitive. For example, it can often help to choose long tail keywords, instead of short tail keywords. This can include search terms like “what is motion lighting” or “does my house need rewiring” instead of simply “Preston electrician”. Because the long tail keywords are industry related, you will also be attracting traffic from people who are interested in the answer, and who might need to use your services.

Social media

While search accounts for more than a third of natural, organic traffic, a further 25% comes from social media. The more social media accounts you use, on different platforms, the more potential customers you can reach. Without paying for advertising.

However, you need to produce different content for different sites, where different content types will be relevant. For example, while your latest article can be shared on Facebook, Instagram will not be the right platform for it. So it is usually best to manage between 3 and 5 social media platforms, so that you can engage with your platform specific audiences, and produce enough content to cover all bases.

By using social media, you can reach a wide range of people, and build a consumer community. So that when they do need to use a service, or buy a product, they will come to your company website first.

For more information about increasing the organic traffic to your website, or for professional web marketing support, get in touch with the experts today, here at Pumpkin Web Design.

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