Professional imagery for digital marketing: Does it really make a difference?

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Here at Pumpkin Web Design, we are Preston’s leading web design and web marketing experts. From social media marketing, to company branding and SEO, we are industry leaders. And we can really help to put your company on the map. There are a number of different elements that can boost your company profile, increase your website’s authenticity, and boost sales. But one of the most overlooked, and often undervalued elements is professional imagery. As a result, we have produced this guide to professional imagery for digital marketing.

Is professional imagery effective? Does it make a difference?

As humans, we are all trained to respond and process images and visual data, differently to sound or language. This means it is far easier for us to see an image, and make an instant judgement, than it is for us to process a block of text.

For great quality web design, this means that using good, professional and unique imagery can actually make a real difference to how people respond to your website. For example, a website with stock images of cheesy office workers will not persuade your potential customers that your business is different, unique, honest and authoritative. And as  a result, you could lose out on customers.

So if this is the case for your website, what about your digital marketing? Well, whether you are targeting a social media audience, or an email list, you need to present the best image of your company. And this needs to fit in with your existing company branding, as well as indicate how professional your company is. And for that, you need professional photography, and professional imagery.

Using professional imagery for digital marketing

There are countless ways to use professional imagery for digital marketing. Some of the most popular include:

  • stunning product images
  • consistent company photos
  • featured images for blog posts

Stunning product images

Whatever your company sells, you need quality professional images to really show off. After all, if you were shopping online, would you purchase from the company with grainy images, and bad lighting? I doubt I would.

So if you are sending out an email to your customers showing off the latest product, you need to make sure that the imagery really does the product justice.

At the same time, images on social media are hugely important. Just look at platforms like Instagram, where all you can post are images or videos. If your product images on social media are poor quality, your potential audience will judge the product as poor quality too. And you will miss out on the opportunity to convert viewers into paying customers.

Consistent company photos

When it comes to building a website that feels trustworthy, you need to include images of your team. Customers like to know who they will be purchasing from, or whose services they will be using. And using stock images to represent your team is never a good idea. After all, brand loyalty and the consumer relationship is built on trust. As a result, using professional images and photos of your team will really help to boost your online authority.

In terms of digital marketing, these images need to be consistent across all platforms and places where images of your team might be needed. For example, if you were guest posting for another website, you would need to include the same professional image of your team. This helps to tie into brand presence and helps potential customers to recognize your company on other platforms.

Featured images for blog posts

If you are using a content marketing strategy to produce top quality blog posts, your imagery needs to be top quality too. After all, these posts will be shared on social media platforms, and will represent your company, and your brand. That’s why you need to use top quality imagery, to represent the quality of your brand. Professional imagery is the best option for this.

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