A recipe for SEO success

As you may know by now, we’ve been working on a huge project recently.  It is the website for an online fashion shop called Missy Empire, and so far, the results have been staggering.

With over 40% of the traffic on the website being organically generated via Google, we thought we’d write a quick blog on just how this business, in only 2 months, has become such a respected and visible website on the search engines.

The key to success here is really quite simple.  First off, the website is very well managed, with new products and written content being added daily.  This addition of new content has encouraged Google to check the site every day, looking for new content, which it undoubtably finds.

Next, the social activity has been amazing and a huge amount of Facebook and Twitter back links have been generated as a result of well thought out competitions which encourage sharing on the social networks.  This social activity has really gained momentum, with 100’s of new likes being generated naturally every week.

The website has a great internal and external linking structure, contains video hosted on Vimeo, links to all social networks and creates urgency via discount coupons.

Google analytics is in place, and by using Google’s real time analytics tool, we can see that the online shop always has people in it, we can monitor their browsing behaviour and make subtle changes to the website to further encourage sales.

It is commonly said in SEO terms that time and persistence are both key in delivering natural Google results, but the recipe used here has proved that with a bit of outside the box thinking, hard work and creativity, amazing results can be achieved in a relatively short amount of time.

Keep your eyes on the upwards movement of Missy Empire.  The proof is always in the pudding.

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