SEO considerations for hotels

photo by pumpkin web design of a hotel in Preston

With the holiday season upon us many people may have already booked their rooms at your hotel. But what role does SEO play in this, and how can a clear SEO strategy help to improve bookings and reservations?

What are the important SEO considerations for hotels?

There are a number of important SEO factors to take into account when it comes to hotels. These include:

  • Local SEO 
  • Responsive design
  • Developing a content strategy 

Local SEO considerations for hotels 

For any hotel, emphasizing the location can be an important web design factor, being relevant to the choice of imagery as well as language. But this should also be an important consideration for your SEO strategy. Search optimisation relies on your website being shown in the relevant results for a particular search term. And when thinking sb6your potential customers or clients they are likely to be looking for hotels in a certain location. This may be county wide or it may be just within a specific town. As a result it is essential to base your content and your SEO efforts with this location in mind. Not only will this help your website be more visible on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) but this will also help improve the user experience for people using your website. This is because good local SEO will include area maps and local area information, important for those considering staying at your hotel.

Responsive design for hotel SEO 

One of the factors that search engines like Google will take into account when indexing relevant results is the wealth of the website when loaded on a mobile or tablet device. The introduction of the mobile first algorithm also factors into this, as this altered the way that results are indexed when a search term is entered on such a device. As a result of these changes websites that have a well designed mobile website, that is not lacking the functionality or quality of the original website, will be ranked more highly than others. Responsive design can be a very effective solution for this as this means that the website will be the same on all devices but will alter layout and structure to be more user friendly and functional when accessed from a mobile device. As a result, for any hotel looking to climb to the top of the search results, or just to improve SEO in general, responsive design can have a major impact.

Developing a content strategy to improve hotel SEO 

Content is an important SEO factor for any company or business across any industry sector. Not only does this provide helpful information for potential customers and clients but this also helps to showcase your businesses knowledge and expertise, helping to build consumer trust. 

For hotel websites in particular, developing a content strategy can also bring the benefit of increasing the range of keywords your website may be found for. Relevant content can help to showcase your hotels features and facilities without being portrayed as sales content or an advertisement, with the emphasis on providing top quality information instead. This can increase your hotels visibility, appearing in search results for a wide range of terms.

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