Using generative AI for SEO

Using generative AI for SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is essential for companies and businesses with an online presence. This is because an effective SEO strategy can drive traffic to your website, help your company gain a competitive edge, and increase sales or sign ups. But what are the effective options for using generative AI for SEO? And how can this improve your businesses SEO performance?

What is generative AI?

Generative AI is a type of technology that can create effective, human-like text content based on different input options and machine learning algorithms. This technology is often referred to as an AI content generator, but they can be used for a wider range of options than content creation alone. In fact, generative AI can be highly effective for a range of SEO tasks. 

What are the effective options for using generative AI for SEO?

There are a number of highly effective options for using generative AI tools to enhance your SEO and to achieve great results online. These include:

  • Generating content
  • Improving keyword research and optimisation
  • Meta tags and descriptions
  • Natural Language Processing

Using generative AI for content generation

As outlined above, generative AI is most commonly used for creating text based content. A content marketing strategy that helps to promote your company and improve the visibility of your company on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is very important. By using generative AI tools your company can find content ideas and generate content that can then be edited by a human to reflect your company branding and persona, and to ensure factual quality, relevance and originality. This can also help to improve the user experience of your website, and ensure that your company shows its industry knowledge and authority online. 

Keyword research and optimisation with generative AI

Content creation is reliant on effective keyword research if you want your content to be useful, relevant, and to get results. In fact, keyword research is often described as the cornerstone of SEO. Generative AI can be very useful for identifying keywords that will be effective for your company or business online, and for selecting key phrases that align with your business. By using search trend data, as well as competitor data, generative AI can help to identify high impact keywords. In general, this makes it easier for your company to optimise your content and achieve great results online. 

Generative AI can help create optimal meta tags and descriptions

While great content targeting the correct keywords might rank highly, it’s important that this content meets the final goal of driving traffic to your website. When searching for a website, all your potential customers and clients can see is the link, and a small amount of text. This text is known as the meta description, and creating an effective meta description, with so few words can be a real challenge. This is something generative AI can help with. This can help you create the perfect descriptions that will include the keyword or phrase, while also enticing your potential customers or clients to click through to your website. 

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

When your potential customers or clients are searching for information online, they are more likely to use natural language, especially with the rise of voice search and mobile searches. As a result, it’s important to understand this natural language, and create content that will provide the right information when natural language is used to search, instead of formal search terms. Generative AI with NLP capabilities can help you craft effective content that will align with how people search for information online. 

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