5 SEO tips to help boost your site!

So, once you’ve created your stunning website with us lovely people here at Pumpkin, what you need to do now is start attracting people. For your website to be listed high on search engines like Google, you need to learn a little more about Search Engine Optimization, or as we like to call it – SEO.

With so many different websites on the internet today, it’s not proven that yours will rank the highest on Google, but there are many different ways you can increase your website’s chances of becoming top dog, this is why we’ve listed the top 5 below!

Pick the right URL

Before you even think about going live, you need to choose the right URL. This is also known as your domain name, and it’s the address people will type in to find your site. It’s one of the first things they read and use and the ideal URL would be one that includes your business name and maybe a keyword to help them remember!

Create new titles for each page

Use unique title descriptions for each page as each of these will accurately describe who you are and what you do. As people hover over the tab on their browser, the description that pops up underneath is very important to search engines and will later determine your rank.

Anchor Text

No, this has nothing to do with the sea and you’re not jumping ship just yet! Anchor texts is simply there so visitors can click on a link that is directly taken to another web page or in this case, your site. Choose effective ones that will help navigate users around your site and find what they’re looking for.

Add alt text to Images

By adding text – make it concise, to your images; search engines will look for the “alt text” and take the visitor to your site. If some images have no relation to your site, don’t add any text.

Pair up with your Social Media platforms

Believe it or not, Facebook has a say on where you rank on Google. If you’re active and present on social media, this will have a positive effect on your SEO optimization!

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