SEO Keywords

One of the most important aspects of search engine optimisation are keywords. Keywords take advantage of the common words and phrases that potential consumers and customers may use when searching for your product, service or company. For example, someone searching for a local bakery for a wedding cake may type into the search engine “wedding cakes in Stockport”. Companies can use this knowledge to make sure that their website is going to appear in the search results, and here at Pumpkin web design- we can definitely make this happen!


Researching keywords and making a list of the keywords that are appropriate and relevant to your company, bringing in the potential customers is the best starting point for any business looking to optimize their appearance on a search engine. At Pumpkin Web Design we repeat our keyword research on a regular basis to keep our keywords relevant, up to date and specific to the services that we offer.

Type of keywords

A good range of keywords are necessary to cover all of the potential basis for potential consumers. There are two main types of keyword: the long tailed keyword and the head keyword.

The head keyword refers to the high volume, broad and competitive keywords that are relevant to the company. If we refer back to the bakery example, head keywords may include “bakery”, “bakers”, “cakes” etc. As you can see these keywords alone are not specific and will return a very high volume of results.

The long-tail keywords are the more specific, longer phrases that are designed to bring in the customers specific to your business. In the bakery example these would include: “bakery in Stockport”, “beautiful wedding cakes” etc.

Where to use keywords

Keywords should be part of the site URL, the page title, the main content, the image file paths and alt text, and the meta tags. This will make it easier for the search engines to locate the businesses page .
Overall, if you want your website to be viewed by the “right” customers, then using the right keywords is essential.

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