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3 typical ways to connect with customers via video

We live in a world where people want cool stuff on the internet, and they want it now. With technology at our fingertips everywhere we turn, we’re a generation of internet addicts with a taste for interesting facts, awesome products and groundbreaking news, and video is one of the most popular ways for people to […]

How incorporating video into your website design could work wonders for your company’s SEO

When it comes to advertising your company to its maximum potential, one technique that always comes up is SEO, or search engine optimisation. A good SEO strategy can be a make or break factor in terms of an organisation’s visibility on Google and other search engines. However, whereas most SEO advice is based around using […]

How do I get my video on my website?

Google loves video content! And, it loves to see websites that are integrating with social media sites such as YouTube (yes, YouTube is a social networking site!). So for those websites which are linked to their own social netowrk pages, and have embedded video content which comes from their own YouTube channel, Google is likely […]