How do I get my video on my website?

Google loves video content! And, it loves to see websites that are integrating with social media sites such as YouTube (yes, YouTube is a social networking site!).

So for those websites which are linked to their own social netowrk pages, and have embedded video content which comes from their own YouTube channel, Google is likely to have faith and respect and want to show them to Google searchers.

For a not-too-techy person – getting good video content on your website might sound like a fairly daunting task, but it’s as easy as 123. Here’s a quick and easy way to get integrated with social applications and get some video on your website. It might sound a bit crude, but some video is better than none – here we go…

Get your phone out of your pocket and take a nice little video of what you do – obviously try to take a crisp, clean vid since this is going to end up on your website. Yes, we’re assuming that you have a phone that captures fairly good video!
Plug your phone into your computer and drag the video file you have just taken onto your desktop (or wherever you like really)

Go to

Click “create an account” at the top right of the page

Fill out the stuff

Once you have signed up to YouTube you can click “upload” at the top right of the page

Find and upload your vid

Once YouTube has processed your video (which can take a while depending on the size of your vid) go ahead and watch it just like you would any other video on YouTube

Click “share” – the little button just underneath the video you’re watching

Click “embed” – a new button which has just appeared

BOOM! – Code!

Copy and paste the code in an email to us and we’ll stick it on your website!
If you dont already have a website with Pumpkin Web Design Preston – what are you waiting for!

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