Choosing the right colour scheme for your website

Choosing a colour palette for your website is just as important as painting your baby’s room. Colours set the mood and articulate the message you’re conveying; they have to complement one another whilst defining your websites overall look.

The colours should reflect upon your brand identity and always be consistent with one another. You don’t want separate colours for your package and logo, do you? One good way to mix and match colours is to get a colour wheel, and combine different elements to see which one suits you and your website best. There are online tools that are available to use such as Kuler and Paletton, to help you decide.

Make sure your text is easy to read, if the background colours don’t bold well with your text, don’t use that palette. Think of clients who are visually impaired, as they benefit from contrasts with high colour. Always remember cultural contexts as certain colours have different meanings in different countries. Be aware that certain interpretations of colour aren’t universal.

Remember that your website is setting the mood for your client, the tone and the style are what makes your website pop out to people. You want to make it as eye catching as possible but not something overpowering and tacky. Identify what your brand is and apply what colours you think marry well with your vision, don’t be neglectful and always remember to stick to that style.

Your website is your pride and joy, and your colour palette is one of the most important elements of it. There are many useful sites and apps out there to help you along the way, so make sure to check them out, and always be vigilant in ways to help you improve your style.

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