Image Trends for your Website!

Trends are a tricky thing, some are good and some are really bad. That’s why you should be careful when you apply it to your website. Below is a list of this year’s recent trends regarding images that have a direct impact on your audience.

Magic Monochromatic

Sometimes simple is better, and monochromatic visuals are the way forward if you’re after a clean, cleek overall look. Rather than focusing on a combination of colours, they focus on one particular shade that embraces a more relaxed and balanced appearance.

Clever Infographics

Infographics are a great way to tell a story. Combining visual images with textual information, people are more likely to read it as it is eye catching and concise, rather than read through paragraphs upon paragraphs of text.

Manipulated Images

Blurry-esque, hazy images are perfect for your website’s header. It creates the illusion that your audience is in a dream like state and are powerful when it comes to backgrounds within your website. It comes across as vintage and emits a form of nostalgia among viewers.

Only conform to trends if you feel like your website may be lacking somewhere, make sure you don’t overload with too many graphics and visuals as you can drive the audience away if there’s too much going on. Above are simple trends to enhance the audience’s viewing pleasure, and to also tell a story.

Always research trusty trends beforehand and always make sure they fit well with your website, don’t add it because it looks cool, it has to be consistent with your design, for example, don’t have flashing images if sleek is what you’re going for. There are so many out there, ready and waiting to be a part of your website, so why not dip your toe into the pool of new ideas?

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