Creating branded content

Here at Pumpkin Web Design in Preston, we work across the North West Region, to provide professional, high quality web design and web marketing solutions. A big part of web marketing is content. After all, if your website had no content, there would be nothing to market! But what is branded content and how can you create it? Well, this is our guide to creating branded content.

What is branded content?

First of all, what is branded content? Branded content is content that allows the viewers and visitors a behind the scenes look at what you brand actually means. Whether you run a company with charity connections, like helping the homeless, or a company built around fun and adventure, you need to show off your brand personality. This is where branded content comes into play.

Branded content is paid for by the company with the simple aim of raising the brands profile. Its not content that will look like an advert, it wont be directly trying to sell something. But it will be extremely effective as a marketing tool.

Types of branded content

Branded content can come in many forms, including:

⦁ feature articles
⦁ thought-piece blog posts
⦁ video footage
⦁ interviews
⦁ question and answer sessions

Tips for creating branded content

1. Think outside the product- A branded content piece should not be focused on selling your products or services. Instead, it should focus on presenting your brand personality, whatever that may be.

2. Tell a story- There is no better way to get your brand personality across than through a story. Whether this is visual or written, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that it is believable and relevant to your brand.

3. Make it shareable- Whichever content type you decide on, make sure that it can easily be shared across social media.

4. Check out what the competitors are doing- It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on what the competitors are doing, what channels they are using for branded content, and how successful it is. This will keep you in the loop for new developments, and reveal real life methods.

5. Analyse performance- Make sure you check the data relating to how well your branded content piece is performing. This data should influence your future decisions, and the choices you make in relation to future content.

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