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Landing directly in your customers inbox, product and service emails are a great way to attract attention to your company, get previous customers to return to your website and spread the news about your company’s latest developments. So how do you make the most from direct marketing? Here at Pumpkin Web Design we are experts in web marketing, from developing amazing websites to promoting these websites on social media.  This is our guide to the benefits of direct marketing.


Once a customer has shopped with your company or used your services, the email address they provided is already stored (within your client database if you have one). You can use this email address, without needing any additional information, to inform your previous customers of special offers and deals they might be interested in, ultimately drawing people back into your website to make further sales. This makes direct marketing one of the simplest forms of marketing and it is actually really effective, being ranked the second most popular form of marketing, losing out only to video marketing.

Broad range

Everyone has an email address. Unlike social media marketing, or even video marketing to a certain extent, direct marketing via email is not reliant on target audiences or demographic stats. This is because you are targeting customers who have already used a product or service you provide, so as long as you pitch your email correctly (good use of standard English) you will be able to cater for your complete mailing list. Of course it may turn out to be more beneficial for your company to adjust and personalise your emails, as this will promote your business as innovative and more engaging, boosting your sales even further.


Another advantage for direct marketing is the short space of time that emailing your clients takes. You may only need to write one email for your entire mailing list, or you may segment your audience by product or service type, but either way, emailing your clients is much less time consuming than other aspects of digital marketing.

In summary

Direct marketing is simple, reaches a large amount of your customer base and won’t take up all of your free time. It also is a great way to generate more sales and promote your business or company, as well as informing your clients of business growth and diversity. Why not contact Pumpkin Web Design today for more information about digital marketing.

direct marketing

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