Web Marketing Secrets

Web marketing is as broad as it is long, with lots of individual nuances that require a depth of skill, adaptability, and perseverance. Responsible for not only attracting viewers and potential consumers to your website, but also for influencing their interactions and generating sales and call to action conversions. Here at Pumpkin Web Design, we are digital media experts, especially when it comes to web marketing, and we know all the hidden secrets that can make all the difference to your web marketing strategy.

Load Times Matter

You could have the most aesthetically appealing website, but if your design interferes with your load times, your web marketing is doomed. Not only is slow load times a huge problem for users, but it is also a factor in Google’s ranking algorithm, so slower websites will be ranked lower than other relevant results, leading to less traffic and less revenue. A great website won’t just look good, it will be well optimised and developed with marketing in mind.

Branding and Design are NOT the same

Company branding is imperative to establish an identity, cementing a position in your client’s memory and linking all content produced by the same company together; whether it’s a video on YouTube or an article on Facebook. The skillsets needed to ensure amazing and effective branding may be similar to those needed for excellent web design, with the importance of visual elements, colour, and imagery, but they are slightly different. Analysing, interpreting, and communicating a brand identity is a unique skill that needs to be reflected in all aspects of the website, for web marketing strategies to be effective. If your website isn’t currently hitting the mark, you may have missed out on effective branding.

Call to Action

The whole point of many websites is to generate sales, or get people to sign up to service. This is known as the “call to action”, the part of your webpage that calls your users into action with buttons that say “buy it now”, “add to basket”, or “sign up now”. If your website is missing a clear and well defined call to action, your viewers will be floundering without the intuitive design that takes them through the website and will look elsewhere. Good web marketing can ensure your website is not only seen, but engaged with.

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