Planning Amazing Websites

Here at Pumpkin Web Design, we are experts in all things related to web design, and one thing that is essential to the development of amazing web designs is planning. Although it is tempting to jump straight into a new project or a big redesign, skipping the planning phase is not a good idea. Not only will you miss on out on some key tips and tricks, it is highly likely that your finished project won’t be as appealing. This is our guide to the key considerations when planning a new website.


Consumer psychology is becoming a huge deal throughout all aspects of marketing, including web marketing. Any website is aiming to interact with potential consumers and get people to sign up, join a community, or purchase a product or service. This means that websites are all about marketing, and using psychology can really boost this. Planning websites whilst taking into account psychology tricks such as colours, fonts, shapes, and imagery is essential for guiding the user and influencing decisions to the aim of the website as a whole. Colours and imagery relating to emotions are essential to creating a real dynamic with the consumer and can be extremely influential when planned with thought.


All aspects of a new website can be tested, not just the large and obvious parts. This includes, font style, font size, imagery, colour and buttons. Understanding the user experience and developing evidence that supports different aspects of user interaction with essential parts of the web page itself, is an essential part of the planning and development phase, to ensure that the final website is top quality.

User interaction

Users will appreciate the colour, design, and imagery of a well-presented website, and it will ensure that your company presents a professional image and attracts consumers. However, despite this, the main aim of the website is to guide users to the call to action button. This is sometimes overlooked amongst the range of other aspects, but planning and designing the website ensures that what the user is looking for, i.e. the call to action, becomes the central focus of the web page.

In summary

Planning is essential when creating amazing websites, and it can ensure that the finished product takes into consideration consumer psychology with colour schemes and imagery suitable for the brand, as well as the user interaction. Planning and development also consists of testing, especially those aspects that are often thought of as too small to test, including font style and colour. For a web design company that you can trust, with a wealth of experience relating to web creation and digital marketing, contact us at Pumpkin Web Design today.

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