Optimising websites for sales

Many businesses and companies develop a website with the primary aim of selling their products or services to customers. This is becoming such a trend that even companies without a physical, traditional shop presence are operating online and generating income and a regular consumer base, simply from their website. However, optimising your website for sales isn’t easy, there are many subtle tricks that we at Pumpkin Web Design have developed over our many years of experience, and this is our guide to designing websites with sales in mind.


The viewer’s attention needs to be drawn to the call to action option which should be displayed on each page. With search engine optimisation, customers can land on any page of your website and if the focus of the page isn’t clearly to buy your product or sign up to your services, you could be losing consumers.


You can draw the viewers focus to specific call to actions by using design techniques such as contrasting colours and specific fonts. This will attract their attention to the area of the page that you really want them to interact with to improve the conversion ratio. Also, using subtle animation techniques such as a colour change or slight movement when hovered over will indicate to the viewer that the call to action is something that they can use and interact with. A clean webpage will help to draw attention to the specific areas while also making the website appear more professional.


Incorporating video into your website is certainly not a new notion, but using video that promotes your business or your product, such as a client testimonial, is a really good way of engaging the viewers and presenting your company in a more interactive way. This can help companies to sell products and reduce their bounce rate.

In summary

There are many ways to optimise your website for sales. This includes using video, utilising design techniques and following the point of view of the consumer to promote the focus of the page. Why not let the professionals at Pumpkin Web Design help you optimise your website today?

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