Colour schemes and website design

Alongside the development of graphic design principles that are used in web design and logos, colour schemes have emerged as a great method of company branding online. The colour scheme selected by the company is actually something that a lot of thought and effort goes into and this needs to reflected in the physical presence of the webpage. Here at Pumpkin Web Design we know a lot about colour schemes and design principles, and this is our approach to colour within website design.

Plain and Simple

A background colour that is plain and not too overpowering is often the best path to take in regards to colour schemes. A background colour should not be dark or heavy, as this can be distracting for the viewer, taking their attention from the actual content on the page, and in some cases, it can lead them to leave your site altogether. Light and soothing, analogous colours make for a great background colour scheme.

Make a statement

One of the major positives of a plain, light coloured background is that you can incorporate the stronger and bolder colours that are part of your company brand into the links, widgets, buttons, and fonts used in different areas of your website. This creates a focus point for the viewer and draws their attention to the key areas on the page, such as the call to action. It also ensures that your company colours are obvious and noticeable.

Black and White

Keeping your website classy with a black and white or greyscale approach is perfect for some businesses, especially when they are used in a non-traditional layout, for example a vertical approach to colour bandied rather than horizontal. Don’t be afraid to use contrasting colours like black and white, just be innovative with your design.

Design Principals

Keep in mind the other design principals used throughout your website to ensure that you can get the best out of your colour scheme. This includes websites for multi-platforms where the format may change depending on what device is used to access the web page.

In summary

Colour schemes can make or break your website. Keep your background plain and simple and make a statement with bolder colours that make up your company branding and logo. Bear in mind your design principals when planning a colour scheme and don’t be afraid to use contrasting colours like black and white to be bold. For all your web design needs, contact us at Pumpkin Web Design today.

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