3 mistakes made on social media

Companies are relying on social media for an increasing part of their marketing and advertising due to the amount of people they can reach and communicate with for free. Social media can allow companies to present their brand and business as an engaging and innovative company and can enable them to advertise in a variety of ways. However, some companies are making mistakes with their social media approach and actions, and once these mistakes have been made, a negative image of their company may be portrayed. Once this image is out there in the digital age, it can be difficult for companies to reclaim their reputation and image. Here at Pumpkin Web Design we have a vast amount of experience with all types of social media and networking. This is our guide to the 3 most common mistakes made by companies using social media.

Ignoring comments

Many companies post to their social media platforms on a regular basis. However, they often overlook the comments that are posted to the content and fail to engage with their consumers or viewers. This is a mistake because it doesn’t allow a community to be created and people feel like they aren’t taken seriously or responded to. If your company doesn’t reply to comments, you could lose out on customers.

Over posting

A company that uses social media to post new content on a weekly or bi-weekly basis is actually more likely to be successful when compared with a company that posts several times a day. People that are following your company on social media don’t want to be inundated with content just from you, they have a range of other people and businesses they are interested in hearing from. A news feed saturated with posts from one company will make the user either ignore the company and it will no longer stand out, or remove the company completely.

Unoriginal content

Retweeting a relevant post or a customer review is great practice, but if your company only reposts other people’s articles, viewers will quickly get bored of the content. Consumers expect original content from every source and the quality of the content also needs to be outstanding to draw readers in and gain new customers.

In summary

Making any of these three mistakes can have a detrimental impact on your company or business so why not talk to the professionals at Pumpkin Web Design today?

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