Top tips for online branding

Here at Pumpkin web design we realise the importance of establishing an effective online brand as part of your digital marketing campaign, which is why we are so good at helping clients get the most out of their branding. Typography, colour, and themes unite together to create something memorable and unique for your company, tying together your logo, website and real world presence (shop front, letterheads etc.). However, it’s important to note that all aspects of your online presence, including content and social media interactions, will become part of this brand identity you are creating. Here are our top tips to help you make the most out of online branding.

Use a unique domain name

A domain name that is taken by another company is a huge no. When searching for your company people may end up at the site of the competitor and you risk losing business as a result. Also, your brands unique identity will be compromised. Huge companies have been known to purchase all of the similar domain names just to secure their position and search engine results. You probably don’t need to go that far, but if someone has the domain name you want, go for something different. Remember, your company needs to stand out as unique.

Google yourself

As the largest search engine in the world, Google is probably what your potential consumers will use to search for your business. Googling yourself will show you how effective your leading captions are, how highly ranked you are and whether there are any unwanted reviews or stories about your business which could potentially damage your brands reputation. Experimenting with your branding means that you will need to periodically check the results on a Google search.

Social media plan

Mapping out your social media interactions can make sure that your company stays on message and represents your brand in the best possible light. It also means that your style of written communication with customers can remain similar, and your colour theme can support that of your main website, ultimately promoting your online brand and cementing the brand style in the memory of your potential clients.


Company names, in many circumstances, don’t explain what it is that the business does. Make sure your home page makes it clear what it is your company provides and what makes you different or unique from other similar companies out there. This can help establish your brand and prevent any confusion.

In summary

Your brand needs to be unique. Effective branding means a unique domain name, a consistent written style, an effective and stunningly consistent colour theme across all media, and clarity about your company. Branding can boost your sales and help you establish a reputation. If your company or business needs some professional support with online branding, get in touch with Pumpkin Web Design today.

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