Common online marketing mistakes

Online marketing is our area of expertise at Pumpkin Web Design. From social media marketing to websites, ecommerce to branding, you can rely on us to provide you with a professional approach and stunning results. However, not every digital marketing company can boast such a breadth of experience or such a positive reputation. Reputations become damaged when common mistakes are made at many points throughout the online marketing journey, and this guide will outline some of those common mistakes, to help you avoid them.

Spam emails

Over the top direct marketing occurs when a company bombards the email address a consumer used when signing up or ordering with the business, and is a sure fire way to ensure that none of those emails ever get read.

Generally, when people feel overwhelmed by the volume of emails, especially when the emails are just advertising not particularly relevant or personal to the consumer, these emails will quickly get sorted into the spam folder. To avoid this mistake, try and personalise your emails, while also restricting the release of emails to bi-weekly or weekly periodic updates.

Copy and Paste

Poor quality content, or content that has been copied directly from another website, is a huge digital marketing mistake. Google’s updated algorithms take the quality of the written content into consideration when ranking websites, with the poor quality websites positioned lower, missing out on the interest and views generated from occupying the top result spot. To avoid this fate, make sure all of your website page content is unique, as well as all of the associated blogs or articles related to your company.

Social Media

Taking advantage of social media is a huge part of online marketing with thousands of potential customers available to interact with and attract, all for free. Digital marketers who don’t take this into account are making a huge mistake. Having said that, having no social media presence is often better than a poor attempt at one, as once your company or brand is attached to something online, it can be very difficult to get away from, potentially jeopardising future success. To avoid this common mistake, make sure you research your social media marketing strategy, and plan for success with appropriate and suitable posts and interactions.

To make sure you completely avoid these common online marketing mistakes, why not hire the professionals? For a digital marketing company with a wealth of successful clients and a great reputation throughout Preston, Chorley, Southport and Wigan, contact Pumpkin Web Design today.

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