End of year SEO auditing

man and woman celebrating End of year SEO auditing

With 2024 fast approaching, you might be thinking about how to grow or improve your business in the New Year. But to do this, you’ll need to understand how well you website performed online during 2023, so that you can identify areas for improvement and development, while also identifying the aspects that have worked well. SEO auditing can be very useful for this, and for ensuring your future success. But what are the important considerations for end of year SEO auditing? And which factors should you look out for?

What should the end of year SEO audit analyse?

A the end of the year, your overall SEO audit needs to be fairly extensive and you should focus on a few different key areas, including:

  1. Traffic- analysing the amount of traffic that is directed to your website through a range of sources can help you identify which platforms your company is performing well on. With social media accounts providing direct links to products and services, as well as search engines, review sites and other third party sources, it is important to break down traffic by area. You also need to know how this compares to last year. You will also need to look at the bounce rate, which is the rate that people leave your website, once they have landed.
  2. Keyword performance- at the end of the year, its time to review the keywords you have been targeting and see how well the content has been performing. If you still have top or high relevant results for these keywords, it looks like you have had a good year. However, overtime these can be displaced and moved down the list, and it’s important to review this performance and keep a track of where you are. This performance, good or bad, can help you be better prepared to plan ahead for the SEO strategy in the upcoming year.
  3. Content performance- the content performance can also be analysed. You can explore which pieces of content your viewers have spent a longer duration of time on, as well as the pieces that have performed well across social media platforms, increasing customer and client engagement. You should also look at which content has led to an increase in sign ups, bookings or sales, to emulate this in the future year ahead.
  4. Technical issues- SEO should also be focused on technical website issues too including load speed. Making sure that all of the technical details are up to date, and keeping your website at maximum performance should be top of your priorities.

What are the advantages of end of year SEO auditing?

There are a number of advantages to conducting an end of year SEO audit, even if this can be time consuming. These advantages include:

  • Providing evidence for next years strategy- using the data that you find from an end of year audit will allow you to develop an even more effective SEO strategy in the year ahead. The data provides clear evidence for techniques that work, and those that don’t, and this can be important when planning ahead.
  • More control over your business- knowing how your business is performing in terms of SEO can give you more control, and help you make informed decisions about the next steps and developments for your business.

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