How can audience personas improve your content performance

When creating great content for your website, you have to consider more than just your intended outcome. The needs and requirements of the user should be a top priority. Creating content that your users want to read, to find out answers to questions that really effect them, is a great way to improve the user experience, and it can even help to boost sales. But how do you know what your audience will be interested in? Well, this is where audience personas can be incredibly helpful. But what are these? And how can they help you improve your content? Well, here at Pumpkin Web Design, we are Preston’s leading web design and web marketing professionals. We work across Preston, and the North West, including Southport and Wigan, as well as Manchester. to provide valuable web solutions to a range of clients. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about audience personas for content marketing.

What are audience personas for content marketing?

So, first of all, what exactly are audience personas? Well, audience personas are character profiles you can develop, based on your intended audience. It involves deep diving into who your audience truly are, and clearly defining them. This does involve some amount of research, but once you can truly define your audience, only then can you create content that will really appeal to them.

So, how can audience personas improve your content performance?

So how exactly do audience personas help? Well, they can provide insight into:

  • What a user is looking for when they land on your site- are your audience looking for specific answers related to your industry? Or are they looking for quick contact information in a matter of seconds? Whatever your user is looking for, you can provide web design, and content solutions that will solve their problem. And high quality, original content that will meet any requirements quickly and efficiently, is guaranteed to improve the user experience.
  • How to persuade your potential customers to make a purchase- if you know your audience, you’ll also know exactly how to appeal to them. Whether it’s emotive colours, or authoritative content that promotes trust, you can use your research to increase your sales.
  • Where to find your audience- audience research, and developed audience persona’s will help to establish the best platforms to use to reach out to your audience. And also when. Are your audience early Facebook browsers, or late tweeters. Whatever their social media style, you need to understand it, and meet your audience wherever they are.
  • What your users actually want to know- Creating great pieces of content can superficially improve your website. But if this content doesn’t tackle the real issues that your potential customers want answers for, then unfortunately, its effort wasted. Your audience will only read content that supplies the information they actually want to know.

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