Generating sales through written content

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When it comes to your website content, it needs to be focused on selling. Whether it’s copy directly related to selling a product or service, or it’s your about me page, every word counts. It’s easy to overlook informative pages, like the about me page, but this is what will help to sell your brand, and encourage customers to choose you. So, how exactly can you boost the selling potential of your written website content? Well, here at Pumpkin Web Design, we are Preston’s leading web marketing experts. We work with businesses and clients across the region, from Chorley to Southport, to provide high quality web marketing and web design solutions. This includes content marketing. As a result, we have produced this guide to generating sales through written content.

1. Build trust

People are more likely to choose to shop with a company they can trust. This is where pages like your “about us” page can really help website visitors get to know your brand and values, and develop that consumer-provider trust.

In addition, by linking your website and your work to things or people that your consumers already trust, you can encourage them to develop positive thoughts about your company. This is known as the halo effect. So if it’s possible, add the company logos of other companies you have worked with or collaborated with. Or the names and logos of well known manufacturers that are relevant to the work you do.

2. Storytelling

Everyone loves a story. It’s intrinsically human and evokes emotional reactions. So if you want to sell to customers, whether it’s one particular product or service, or your company as a whole, you’ll need to tell a story. From the tale of your company’s humble beginnings, to the testimonial of the customer who bought your product, stories can be woven throughout the written content of your website. This will all encourage people to buy into your company, and purchase your products and services.

3. Unite People

Consumers are more likely to respond positively to a company that they feel connected to. A shared identity makes you more relatable, and more persuasive. As a result, you can use language to build connections such as “brother, sister etc” much like IKEA. Being reminded of family also helps to build trust and feeds into the storytelling nature of sales.
In addition, build on your shared factors such as location to build a sense of unity.

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