Get online

Getting yourself and your business on-line is absolutely essential. We really cant stress it enough.

It’s no longer a case of simply owning a website. The on-line environment is more like a digital representation of our world, country, town and village – an electronic mirror image of the real world in which we operate our businesses.

In this virtual, but very real and tangible place there are people, social hang-outs, businesses, gossip, celebrities, music, success, and pretty much everything you’re likely to find in the physical world.

Our point is that since there is so much human activity here – it would be crazy not to consider positioning your business on-line in such a way that it serves to generate real, tangible leads and increased revenue.

We still get asked when we call people up to discuss our services if what we are calling about is “advertising”. And well, no its not – what we do is about helping our clients business make the transition from the real world to the on-line one, and making sure that the way in which it is represented on-line is in-line with their markets tendances and requirements.

If you are not yet enjoying the benefits of on-line exposure via social networks, search engines and blogging platforms – give us a call. We really can help.

Pumpkin Web Design Ltd is a small and highly results driven digital agency working for like minded clients in Preston, Chorley, Southport, Blackburn, Burnley, Morecambe,Wigan, Manchester, London, Warrington, Blackpool, Lancaster, Leyland, Lytham St Annes, Bolton, Chester and the UK. Our services include web design, SEO, content marketing, video production, brand design and much more.