Get more business from Facebook?

Get more business from Facebook, how?

If you have invested any of your time at all researching the advantages of a well thought out business page on Facebook, you will have noticed time and time again that the focus lies on branding rather than return on investment. I hold branding in high regard.

A great brand can impact on your business beautifully, where as a tarnished brand can pale in to obscurity. So whilst I agree on the absolute importance of branding, I still believe that social media offers much more than simply branding.

Before I continue I’d like to just go on record and say, it doesn’t matter how superbly you invent and manage your social branding, it will not make your product or services any more valuable. It cannot magically turn a bad product good. So as always a product and service is key, aim to make sure that you fill the need of the market with a service or product which is of value.

If all above is making sense and you have a grip on that then below are just a few basic tips to help get more from your time invested in the social media element of your marketing strategy.

First Tip

Bit of a no brainer but needs to be said, first port of call is ensuring that the call to action on Facebook is aligned with the contact page on your website. I know it sounds obvious but you would be surprised at just how many businesses neglect this. When you think about it, would you want the world to know what it is you are looking for and see your personal contact details? This is where a dynamic form helps immensely, helping your customers to get in touch with out the sharing of information with the social community.

Second Tip

There is no end to how helpful a regularly run promotion on your Facebook page can build momentum and turn into genuine leads. In order to create a self-perpetuating promotion, make sure that you have some basic conditions a participant must carry out, like insisting they like and share the post to be eligible. Ensure you manage expectations, nobody like un- solicited emails, so make it clear that in entering into your give away that they are agreeing to hear from you once in a while.

Third Tip

Why not create and manage a Facebook Ad campaign and drive the results to the first two tips above. It’s incredibly easy to use and understand, and works on a pay as you go system so it should meet your budget. With over 600 million users’ it is unlikely that you are not going to find your clients not using it to some extent.

These could be the people that haven’t or wouldn’t go to your website, so why not take advantage of Facebook in this scenario and these Facebook users from their own news feeds to your Facebook form tab or promotion tab.

So, are Facebook leads any good?

Well studies categorically confirm that they are. It has been proven that Facebook users spend around twice as much on line as do average internet users. The great news is that Facebook are shown to be twice as effective as leads generated elsewhere.

So why not bite the bullet and invest a little time and money into one of the fastest growing sectors of the internet, and find out for yourself how social media for business doesn’t just stop at helping brand strength. It has a massive contribution to helping any business grow, if the strategy is right.

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