How to register a domain?

Make a decision on the on your preferred direction. Websites are constructed with a series of files which you will need to store. You can either store them on your own computer (without a service hosting) or you can use a hosting service and store them on their servers. Given the amount of great services out there, in this blog I’m going to concentrate on the second option.

Conveniently most hosting companies will also be able to register the domain for you also. So decide which direction you want to go in and then follow the next steps.

Choosing a hosting service – There are a plethora of hosting services to choose from, depending on what your goals are, whether you are setting up a solo site or intending to grow a client base, will have an impact on the decisions needed.

Setting up a solo site is pretty straight forward and most reputable companies out there should cater for your needs. I still strongly advise doing your research on the company, having to transfer away can still be a headache even when it’s just the one site.

If you are setting out to build a client base then I really suggest doing your homework on which you company you choose, to transfer a huge amount of sites isn’t easy and undoubtedly cost time and money.

All hosting and domain companies can almost immediately offer you information on domains availability; in most cases it will even throw up alternative should your first choice be gone.

Having found your preferred domain which is available, you’ll need to click select and follow any further instruction. More than likely the hosting company will offer to bolt on additional services which may be of use so take a look and select any that could be of benefit

Now you are going to need to fill out a load of information. All owners of domains and websites are required to list their information on a database called WHOIS. You can set this info to private but by default it will be open to the public. If you really need it to be private then this is usually the simple click of a button but will more than likely come as an added expense.

Hand over your hard earned pennies at this stage. Entering your payment details and making sure they have all the correct payment details.

Once payment is accepted, you are the brand new owner of that amazing domain; you can now explore the hosting companies control panel, and set about beginning your on-line presence.

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