How can the lack of human touch in ChatGPT content harm your website? 

How can the lack of human touch in ChatGPT content harm your website 

Content creation and the use of high quality content across your website can be essential factors for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) success. While AI-generated content can undoubtedly provide convenience and efficiency, it can be lacking in some vital areas. One of these areas is the absence of human touch or infliction. So how can the lack of human touch in ChatGPT content harm your website? And how can you be sure to achieve the best possible results for your business?

The rise of ChatGPT content online

Content produced by AI is being used by businesses across the internet as this can produce factual content quickly and for free. However, the use of ChatGPT has dropped noticeably in recent months as the flaws in this type of content management strategy have become more noticeable. These flaws include:

  • Questions of content ownership- multiple businesses using the same prompt for ChatGPT content may be given the same answers. This can have a negative impact on ratings and rankings on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) when many businesses are using what is effectively duplicated content. 
  • Inaccurate information- Unfortunately, ChatGPT is not able to fact-check its own work and as a result, the content on your website may be misleading, wrong or full of errors. This will then have a negative impact on the credibility of your website, and your business in general.
  • The lack of human touch- ChatGPT is able to produce good quality content that reads well, but this often lacks the creative originality of human produced work, and as such, AI content may not align with your brand voice or identity.

So, how can the lack of human touch in ChatGPT content harm your website? 

There are a number of ways that the lack of human touch in ChatGPT content can be damaging to your website, and your business. These include:

  • Credibility and trust
  • Forming a connection
  • User experience

ChatGPT content can harm credibility and trust

One of the most important factors for any company or business aiming to succeed online is credibility. Gaining the trust of your potential customers or clients is essential for making sales and sign ups, and for growing your business. The written content on your website is the only way you can truly communicate with your own brand voice, to your website users. And if this content is generated by AI, fact based and slightly robotic, your website users will lose trust in your business. They may also question the accuracy and reliability of the information presented, leading to a reduction in sales and sign ups. 

ChatGPT content can struggle to connect with your audience

The human influence and touch that is present on your website not only helps to build trust, but this also helps to build a connection with your potential customers and clients. As a species, we naturally seek connection with others, and the absence of content that reflects human values, creativity, ideas and feelings can leave us feeling disconnected and unsatisfied. This is true of your website users too. AI-generated content often lacks the nuance, context, and critical thinking that human creators bring to the table, and this will be noticeable on a subconscious level. As a result, your website may experience a higher bounce rate, a reduction in sales and sign ups, as well as a reduction in returning users.

The lack of human touch in ChatGPT content can harm the user experience

Finally, content that is generated by AI, and lacks a human touch, perspective or insight can undermine the efforts you make to create a user friendly website. This is because this type of content can lack the intuitive understanding of user needs, preferences, and emotions, leading to a less enjoyable and satisfying browsing experience, no matter how easy your website is to navigate or use.

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