How to get my website noticed

So you have a shiny new website? Thats great! So lets take a look at how to get my website noticed by targeted prospects so that your website can deliver some real results.

The main thing for us to keep in mind is that a search website (or search engine) such as Google will always want to show people the best possible answer to peoples search queries. Google will be looking to deliver “authority pages”, web pages that Google believes contains great unique content and is well linked to online throughout social networks for example.

The simple answer then to “how do I get my website noticed?” is 1) Create webpages containing great information, info that people really would value, and 2) Make sure that other relevant, established websites are interested enough to link to your content.

We no longer live in a time where keeping our secrets to ourselves is good for business – rather, publishing as much good information about your business, product or service is going to be key in getting your website and your business noticed on-line. As an example, if you perform a Google search for “using transparency to blend images using Adobe Photoshop” you’ll notice that Pumpkin Web Design Preston appears on page 1 with an article that we published on that subject. Its not a huge search term to be found for, but with enough information on-line on this and other web industry related subjects, we drive a great deal of traffic to our website and benefit from the business that comes from it.

Its rewarding also when we take telephone calls from people who have taken the time to read our web content and found it beneficial.

Bear in mind that the internet is all about information and that search engines want to deliver the good stuff. Try to become a leading source of information on-line on what you do, publish useful, new content every day and let people find it, read it and share it with others in social networks. Your website will undoubtably gain one way, incoming links from high ranking social platforms and ultimately be well indexed on Googles SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

There are also tons of publishing platforms which will allow you to publish your great content whilst creating a link to your website. Check out Ezine Articles for an example.

And the real secret to How to get My Website Noticed is perseverence. Getting your website to the top of Google takes time and effort but really pays off. Keep your content and information coming, think like a journalist, tell it how it is and with time, you’ll be noticed on-line.

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