How to get started on a new website

You might think that getting your website up and running is going to be a fairly mammoth task with loads for you to think about. And whilst we agree that there is a great deal of rational thought that should go into your web marketing, for many small business a good designer and SEO geek should really be able to take that burden away from you and put together a great campaign based on experience alone.

Here’s an example of the type of questions you should be expected to be asked from your website team…

***IMPORTANT – Google places websites with lots of well written, unique content very high on its results page. The more written content you can provide, the higher your website will sit on the search engines, and the more business you will generate***

Ultimate Achievement of the website: In an ideal world what would a website do for your business? (This will help your web agency to understand your expectations – are search results important to you? Should your deesigner focus on Google rankings or more on the design of your site for example…)

Contact Information:

What is your official company name?
What is your business address?
What are your telephone numbers?
Do you want your address details on your website? Choosing NO could affect Google Map results.


Do you have a logo that you can provide in electronic (or other) format?
Do you have preferred company colours which should be reflected in the website?
Do you have any other images that you would like me to work with?
Is there a specific key message that the website should instantly deliver? Think about what motivates your clients to contact you.

Products, Services and Coverage

What are your key services or products?
Which of these are most profitable or your preferred product or service to provide? (what should we focus on in other words)
Which areas do you cover?
Which areas to you prefer to cover (favourite area)?

Web Site Structure

Have you thought about page headings for the website? Home and Contact Us should appear as standard. Please outline any other page headings you would like here.

Please provide as much content or content ideas for each page you have mentioned above. The more you can provide here, even if in bullet point form, the more content rich the site will be from the word go! This will help our Google rankings.

Legal Requirements

Are there any legal notices or associations that need to appear on your website. For example a Gas Engineers website should display the “Gas Safe” logo.

Other information

Anything else you would like to mention?

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