How to make a website

Good call – owning a well designed website is really important for any business or individual wanting to gain exposure on-line. Today, more than ever before the internet is used to find products, services and information and is accessible via desktop computers, mobile phone devices and tablet computers. So, if you would like your audience to find you, a website is a great start.

Register your website address (Domain Name)

There are literally thousands of domain registrars available such as Fasthosts, 123Reg, Go Daddy and tons more. The first thing you’ll need to do is set up an account with one of these domain registrars, choose your domain and register it.

Set up some web space (Hosting)

Once you have registered your domain you’ll have access to more options within the control panel provided by your domain registrar. These options will include things like setting up some web hosting space under your domain, setting up email accounts, domain forwarding (pointing your domain to another website) and database installation. If you’ve chosen a good registrar, setting up hosting space under you new domain should be fairly self explanatory and should be achievable more or less at the click of a button.

Decide upon your web platform

If you are looking to create a static HTML based website containing just text and graphics, all you’ll need to get started is a piece of software for creating and editing HTML pages (HTML being the code that is behind most web pages on-line), Dreamweaver by Adobe is a popular example, along with an image editor such as Adobe Photoshop. For simple, static websites this is pretty much all you’ll need.

However, web technology has come a long way and static websites are much less common than they used to be. Rather, blog based websites such as Joomla and WordPress are much more common as they allow a greater degree of visitor interactivity such as posting comments, subscriptions to your website and other highly functional plug-ins and add-ons. If you’re looking to create your website using a blog platform such as these, you’ll need to install the necessary script for them. Again, if you’ve chosen a good domain registrar, installing the necessary script against your domain should be achievable in just a few clicks.

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