How to Increase your Conversion Ratio

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Web design and creation takes a lot of passion, enthusiasm and energy. Consequently,  it can be incredibly disheartening when your efforts don’t seem to be paying off. Here at Pumpkin Web Design we are experts at digital marketing and SEO, and this is our guide to boosting your conversion ratio.

What is a conversion ratio?

The first thing to understand is what a conversion ratio actually is. Well, taking into account visitor numbers and final sales, you can work out exactly how many of your viewers are purchasing your product or service, after looking at your website. A successful website will aim to be “converting” 80% or more of those viewers into paying customers. So, how can you boost those numbers?


Interesting and immediately eye-catching, video consumption is becoming increasingly popular as a way to digest new information. Easier than reading and more entertaining, video is content that keeps viewers interested. As a result, it is possibly more likely to generate leads and sales than solid text.


The same can be said for images and infographics. Information is easier to absorb visually, and a visual website is easier to navigate and more intuitive for your potential customers. Present information graphically where possible and keep the user experience in mind.

Once people have loaded your landing page or home page, are they greeted by text, or visual images and videos? We can almost guarantee that a reshuffle in your content style will lead to an increase in revenue.

Lead your customers

A big part of web design is the ability to be a sales-person. Not only does your website have to look great, load quickly, and work well, it also needs to guide customers through the purchasing steps. This means that each of your content pages should be directing potential customers to your product or service, and showing them visually how to get there. This is mainly through the use of “call to action” buttons with phrases such as “buy now” or “contact us”. The clearer the button and the more intuitively positioned, the better the outcome will be.


In summary

Boosting your conversion ratio means boosting your sales and your business. Try to lower your bounce rate by changing the style of content to be more visually focused, through videos and graphics. Also, direct your customers with clear and well placed call to action buttons. For all your digital marketing needs, contact us at Pumpkin Web Design today.


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