Html tips for SEO

Hyper Text Markup Language is how all websites are created. Html controls how your website will appear on the web. From informing layout to controlling load time, some aspects of html can support your Search Engine Optimisation. Here at Pumpkin Web Design, we know how to the make most out of Html, and we are SEO experts. Here is our guide to html practices than can promote positive SEO results.

Html structure:



The section of your html file that contains the title and the meta description about your document is the head. This is one of the most important elements when it comes to search engine optimisation.


Google will use the title of your document to understand what your page is about, and ranks your page accordingly. A title that is not descriptive or does not effectively describe the page may even be changed by Google. When writing a title for your document, be descriptive and try and create something unique. Focus on the keywords that are relevant to your content and blend these naturally into your title.


This section of your html file contains the visible content. This needs to be organised clearly and effectively, not just for search engine ranking, but for your viewers as well. You can so this using headings.


From h1 all the way to h6, heading tags provide clues to Google about what your page is about. Use the keywords you know are relevant to your page within your headings to help search engines rank your page. However, don’t try and overfill your headings. They will be seen by your viewers, and you still need to ensure the quality of your page content.

In summary

Html can be used to help your website be more successful in terms of search engine optimisation. This includes the title tag and the headings tag. Both of these are important elements that search engines will use to understand your page content. For all your web marketing and SEO needs, contact us at Pumpkin Web Design today.

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