Interactivity update

2016 has seen a wave of changes to web development and approaches taken towards web design. One of the main developments has been the focus on user interactivity. Here are some key trends that we have found.

Ghost buttons

Companies aiming for a sleek, professional feel to their website are now opting for ghost buttons. Instead of using CSS to create a different colour when a button is hovered over and then selected, many companies are now simply outlining a box around the button in a contrasting colour. This also makes the page load quickly and helps to maintain an elegant and classy colour scheme which changes slightly as a result of user interaction.


Whenever a user has to swipe, scroll or click they are interacting with the website and this in itself transforms the whole process from simply viewing websites, to interacting with them. Users enjoy interacting with websites and feeling involved, building a connection between the user and the machine.


Professional animations that move slightly when hovered over encourage user interaction. Of course, the time for web designers to be incorporating footer animations has long since passed, but slide transitions and slight button animations encourage users to interact with the website and can convert viewing to action.


We all agree that social media can make your business boom, but 2016 has seen a trend towards unobtrusive and elegant icons for facebook, twitter and the like. In modern society the social media symbols are instantly recognisable and so by incorporating them into the overall design of the website, people are given the impression that your company is up to date and professional, and as a result are more likely to interact via social media.

Interactivity is something that many web designers are aiming to incorporate into their recent projects and with the increase in augmented reality, virtual reality and targeted advertisement, interactivity as part of web design is a key area for consistent updates

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