Make it personal!

We’ve made and we support a lot of websites!  And by support we can sometimes mean making sure that they are generating leads and increasing business for our clients.

With this in mind and as you might expect, we’ve tried many different website designs, styles, formats, layouts and content, looking for the perfect method in encouraging web visitor contact.

Of course, every industry, business and individual is different so there is no perfect website per se, however one thing that we have discovered over the past 20 years of messing around with websites is that allowing your website visitor to connect with a human being or team of human beings behind the website is a sure fire way to convert business.

In other words, you might have a website designed using only stock images from somewhere like for example.  Whilst this might produce a very glossy, clean looking website, it will lack any kind of humanistic feel.  We’re not suggesting that stock images are a bad idea, they’re not, but try to offset them with something real i.e. a photo of your staff, are a video of your products in production.

Bringing the “real life” element into your website will allow your website visitor to connect with YOU, rather than just with your website.  At the end of the day people buy from people, and by putting the personality of yourself or your business into your website, you’ll create trust and loyalty with your prospective customer.

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